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3-Sided 192 Clips Spinning Display

3-Sided 192 Clips Spinning Display


This beautiful Acrylic 3-Sided Rotating Display can hold 192 pieces of body jewelry. Each side contains 1 clip-on board with 64 clips. Just push the jewelry on the clips and it will hold firmly in place. A nice way to display all sorts of body jewelry: tongue rings, belly rings, eyebrows rings, labrets, horseshoes, captives and more. Perfect for flea markets, store, swap meet or your personal collection. Size: 15" height x 11.5" wide x 11" deep.

3 Clip boards included.

Made in USA

Jewelry NOT included

Ship by UPS Ground in the USA only!
This item is NOT available with C.O.D. order.
Free Shipping is NOT available for this item.
Limited 1 per order.


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