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192PC Jewelry with Display Package (1 Display/pkg)

192PC Jewelry with Display Package (1 Display/pkg)

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You will received 192 pieces of our high quality assorted Body Jewelry AND the spinning display. Everything in our inventory: belly rings, tongues, labrets, horseshoes, etc etc... All the best jewelry in one package. It will definitely get your business going!

This beautiful Acrylic 3-Sided Rotating Display can hold 192 pieces of body jewelry. Each side contains 1 clip-on board with 64 clips. Just push the jewelry on the clips and it will hold firmly in place. A nice way to display all sorts of body jewelry: tongue rings, belly rings, eyebrows rings, labrets, horseshoes, captives and more. Perfect for flea markets, store, swap meet or your personal collection. Size: 15" height x 11.5" wide x 11" deep.

192PC of Jewelry, 1PC of Spinning Display & 3PC of Clip boards included.

Made in USA

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OT-053 Mix All Best Selling Styles $350.00 $332.50 $315.00 $297.50 $0.00
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OT-053 Belly Jewelry Only $350.00 $332.50 $315.00 $297.50 $0.00
OT-053 Tongue Jewelry Only $350.00 $332.50 $315.00 $297.50 $0.00
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