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192PC Body Jewelry with Display Package (1 Display/pkg)

192PC Body Jewelry with Display Package (1 Display/pkg)

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Item No: OT-053
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- 192 pieces of steel body jewelry AND 1 spinning display with locks. 

- Acrylic 3-Sided Rotating Display with 3 clip-on boards which hold 192 pieces of jewelry. Just push the jewelry on the clips and it will hold firmly in place. Perfect for flea markets, store, swap meet or your personal collection.

- Display Size: 15" height x 11.5" wide x 11" deep.

- Jewelry Options: Steel and Acrylic assortment of Belly & Tongue Only OR Mix All styles including labrets, nose, eyebrow...etc.

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OT-053 Mix 192 pcs Belly & Tongue Only $280.00 $224.00 $196.00 $168.00 $0.00
OT-053 Mix 192 pcs Assorted All Styles $299.00 $239.20 $209.30 $179.40 $0.00
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